Educational Gifts For Children

When considering buying a gift for a child, why not make it educational as well as fun? There are toys available to spark your child's imagination and to teach them important skills such as reading and math. Have you ever seen the mini laptops and tablets that are available for children? They are cute, durable and can keep kids entertained while learning for hours. Books and building sets as well as math, logic and science toys all help children to grow in different important areas. The following links are all great ideas for educational gifts for children. Many of the items have won various awards and are well-loved by both children and adults.


  • Turtle in Paradise: An award-winning book which combines family lore with the past of America and is filled with historical details and humor. (Ages 3 and Up)
  • A Ball For Daisy: The story is about loss. Daisy is a little dog whose favorite red ball is lost to a much bigger dog. (Ages 3 and Up)
  • Big Red Lollipop: The book focuses on sibling rivalry within an immigrant family. (Ages 4 and Up)
  • Tales For Very Picky Eaters: This award-winning book is about a very picky eater named James whose father comes up with unique reasons to try food. (Ages 6 and Up)
  • The Son of Neptune: This is the second book of the “Heroes of Olympus” series and focuses on three demigod heroes who battle monsters, encounter remarkable creatures and may be part of the “Prophecy of Seven.” (Ages 10 and Up)
  • The Hunger Games: This is the first book in “The Hunger Games” series and it follows a 16-year old girl who takes her sister's place in a deadly kill or be killed game.(Ages 12 and Up)
  • Delirium: The novel focuses on a young woman named Lena who is supposed to receive a cure for love when she turns 18, but falls in love before she gets it. (Ages 14 and Up)
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The first book of the famous “Harry Potter” series finds Harry Potter discovering that he is a wizard, attending school at Hogwarts, and battling Lord Voldemort who is seeking the Sorcerer's Stone. (Ages 9 and Up)

Building Sets

  • Rokenbok: This interlocking, three-dimensional award-winning building set allows you to create real working toys such as a wheelbarrow.
  • Legos & Duplos: The true beauty of these award-winning building sets are that each one is geared toward a specific age and there are themes such as dinosaurs that are available.
  • K'Nex: K'Nex is another award-winning building set that offers different sets geared toward specific age groups and even themes such as NASCAR and Thrill Rides.
  • Superstructs: This award-winning connector style building set offers various themes such as “Wacky Machines.”
  • Gears! Gears! Gears! Lights & Action Building Set: This very cool, award-winning building set allows you to have bright lights and movements in your creation.

Math and Logic

  • Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register: This is an excellent award-winning toy that is both a calculator and a cash register and is perfect for ages three to eight.
  • LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet: The personalized learning tablet earned the “2012 Educational Toy of the Year” award and includes math curriculum for adjusting skill levels.
  • VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet: The award-winning multimedia learning tablet offers interactive logic learning games for ages four to nine.
  • Playskool Alphie: Alphie is an awesome little robot that will help kids with numbers, shapes, colors, letters and more.
  • ABC Chalk Talk! Electronic Learning Chalkboard: The award-winning chalkboard features a play mat with six games and 30 touch sensors which will help children learn basic math and geometry.
  • MindQuest Electronic Learning Game: The award-winning electronic game quiz includes math and logic questions for children ages five and up.
  • iXL 6-in-1 Learning System: Geared toward children three to seven years of age, this award-winning learning, entertainment and media center teaches counting by 1's, 2's and 10's.
  • Math Mat Challenge Game: An award-winning game for ages three to six, this electronic floor game features six games and two skill levels involving counting, addition and subtraction.


  • Mind Blowing Science: The award-winning science kit has awesome experiments for kids ages four and up such as making a volcano erupt in varying colors.
  • Junior Science Lab Kit: There are over 300 experiments in a variety of science areas for children ages eight and up in this award-winning science kit.
  • Mega Volcano Kit: Your child will make and paint a volcano, mix the lava recipe with household ingredients, and watch it explode again and again with this award-winning volcano kit for ages six and up.
  • Mindflex Duel: In this exciting game you literally use your brainwaves to control the power of a fan which floats a ball.
  • HexBug Microrobotic Creatures and Habitats: The original Nano habitat set won the “Specialty Toy of the Year for 2010” award, and HexBug robotic creatures and habitats continue to expand with the spider and the scarab and glow-in-the-dark products.
  • Snap Circuits Jr. 100 Experiments: You can build things such as a doorbell while learning about electricity with this award-winning building set for ages eight and up.
  • Glow Rocks Fluorescent Science Mineral Kit: The award-winning science kit comes with six rocks that turn in the dark into brightly glowing colorful rocks.
  • Insect Lore Live Butterfly Pavillion: This award-winning kit allows the child to raise three to five Painted Lady butterflies from live caterpillars.