Celebrating Earth Day: Activities & Gift Ideas

Every year we celebrate Earth day, but did you know how and why it started? Back in 1969, a man named John McConnell suggested the idea of having a day to celebrate and appreciate the Earth and our environment. The following year, on March 21, 1970, people observed the very first Earth Day in San Francisco and also many other cities. At the same time, a U.S. Senator named Gaylord Nelson also suggested having a different Earth Day on April 22. His Earth Day focused more on environmental issues in the United States. Over the next few decades, Earth Day became an international event and over one hundred and seventy five countries celebrate it annually! After combining the two Earth Days, we now simply celebrate it on April 22nd each year.

We commemorate Earth Day every year to constantly remind us that our environment and ecosystem are fragile and that it is important to take care of it. It helps to make people aware of these issues so something can be done to preserve the Earth. At one point, people neglected the Earth and caused much damage to the environment. Now it is our turn help save our planet. Just about anyone can help in small ways to make significant changes – even kids! Kids can start by making earth-friendly crafts out of recycled items. The great thing about this is that it reduces the amount of waste that reaches our landfills and lowers pollution. Have a look at some incredibly fun Earth Day crafts and gift ideas that you can make at home!

A Guide to Recycled Crafts (PDF)

Download a fun package for kids, just bursting with heaps of ideas for making all sorts of decorative and useful crafts!

Making Recycled Paper

Instead of throwing out the newspaper, use it to make your own recycled paper and then write someone a letter with it.

Natural Toy Animals

See how twigs, leaves and stones can be used to make a cute toy animal!

DIY Treat Containers (PDF)

A recycled coffee can converts into a handy treat jar with a funny face.

The Trash Map

In this craft, kids clean up an outdoor area and use the collected litter to form a new piece of art that reminds everyone to keep our country clean.

Funky Crayons

Use small stubs of old or broken crayons to make some wild new rainbow colored creations.

Plastic Bottle Flower Basket (PDF)

Make a wonderful surprise flower basket for a friend or neighbor with a recycled pop bottle.

A Book of Recycled Projects (PDF)

This fantastic booklet contains tutorials on using recycled materials to make grass heads, a piggy bank, colorful collages, and even a stained glass flower pot!

Milk Bottle Crafts (PDF)

Did you know that a mere milk bottle can be transformed into a vase, sand art, or even a funny penguin?

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

With this great craft, you can recycle some plastic and deliver food to birds in the garden at the same time!

Tons of Recycled Crafts

Not sure what to make? Don’t worry. Find a craft based on what recycled materials you have on hand, such as paper, plastic, metal, or glass containers.

Earth Day Bottle Crafts

Find out how an empty plastic bottle can be used as a bug observatory, to make ocean waves, or other pretty decorations.

Recycled Paper Crafts

Learn how to make papier mache creations, paper beads, and other amazing things that can be given as gifts.

Make a Terrarium!

What could be better than using recycled materials to create new greenery for our environment?

Nature and Recycling Crafts

Help out the environment by making pine cone bird feeders and other fun things that help us to learn more about nature.

Environmentally-Friendly Craft Ideas (PDF)

Using recycled items to make decorative containers, windchimes, Easter baskets, and toys is the perfect way to help keep your community clean while spreading a little cheer!

A Soda Can Toy Dog

Decorate a soda can with scrap pieces of fabric and eyes for a cute soda can puppy.

Recycled Christmas Crafts and Gifts (PDF)

Don’t think that Earth Day crafts can only be done on one day of the year. In fact, it’s great to do it all the time – even at Christmas!

A Fishy Gift

Since CDs take around a million years to actually decompose outdoors, don’t throw them out, but instead create a decorative fish or other creature with them.

Earth Day Reminder Crafts

Make a bunch of crafts that will help people around you to remember to recycle and take care of their environment too.